The value of the multifunction copier

Document Managers Operations Center

How many desktop printers are you juggling?

Many companies purchase a multifunction copier to reduce inefficiency and cost.  The unit facilitates these advantages in several ways:

  • In comparison to desktop printer cartridges, supply-inclusive copier maintenance contracts most often provide an economical solution for office printing needs.
  • Many multifunction units allow for the programming of user codes so that management can control printing, copying, scanning and faxing down to the employee level.  These codes also facilitate the mapping of printing costs to individual departments.
  • Paper usage is drastically reduced because each employee is not using their own desktop printing device.

Let’s look at one example of a department’s misuse of desktop printing devices.

Company X – Case Study

Company X has 250 employees working on 4 floors of an office building.  Each of these employees has a personal color InkJet or LaserJet printer in their office.  Half of these employees also have a personal fax machine and the company uses a total of 5 high speed scanners to scan documents to their network drive.

The problem

The company is spending roughly $200 per month per employee to accommodate desktop printing.  This totals $600K in annual printer cartridge expenses alone.  The cartridges for the fax machines account for on average $50 per employee per month, while the service contract negotiated for their scanners is $2500 per year.

Previous Annual Costs

Printer Cartridges
Periodic printer replacement
Fax Cartridges
Periodic fax replacement
Scanner Maintenance
Total Annual Costs

Current Annual Costs

Copier Lease Agreement (4 units)
Copier Maintenance Agreement (4 units)
Total Annual Costs

This company enjoyed a 96.68% decrease in annual printing costs.