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Janel Merritt
DigiDoc dba Document Managers
The NEW Electronic Application to Submit Invoices (EASI)
DigiDoc, Incorporated dba Document Managers & Public Sector Solutions Group

October 16, 2015 (Washington, D.C.)
We are pleased to announce the first phase of a new online payment portal, the Electronic Application to Submit Invoices (EASI). EASI provides the convenience of self-service options to assist vendors with completing routine business transactions with DGS in a safe, secure, faster online environment. The DGS Invoice submission process is now automated in the following functions: Vendor Invoice Submission, Process and Procedures, and Reporting. Notifying vendors through e-mail as their request for payment moves through each step is also a key part of this system. These new abilities will eliminate the need for multiple phone calls, hold times, and especially, large volumes of paper transaction. This expands our availability beyond the scope of traditional business hours. More importantly, this solution will provide faster payments from DC government agencies to its vendors.

The EASI pay portal offers a paperless streamline process for vendors interacting with DGS to receive payment for goods and or services. After requesting and receiving access to the portal, vendors will be able to immediately be able to submit a request for payment via the Request for Payment e-form. Once all necessary information is included and the proper supporting documentation has been attached, the form is ready for submission. After submission, vendors will be able to track their payment request via the “My Invoices” area of the portal. As the request moves through the process, and when the request has been approved, vendors will receive e-mail notification each step of the way. This is to insure vendors know exactly what is going on with their request for payment.

“EASI is a solution that has the potential to improve most government agency processes,” Janel Merritt, COO of DigiDoc explains. She continues, “This new online portal provides new efficiencies within DGS and has drastically lowered operational costs.”

The Department of Employment Services (DOES) plans to officially launch The Electronic Application (to) Submit Invoices portal (EASI) on October 15, 2015. Paper invoices or documents will no longer be required. We have outlined several responses to address some of the most frequently asked questions. For detailed information about the new portal, please visit our website – Electronic Application (to) Submit Invoices (EASI) The new online portal will serve as a convenient tool for vendors and DGS agents by providing online system access.

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